Buddy is a Rocky Mountain gelding standing about 15.2 hands. His color is unusual - a silver buckskin. Buddy is a very curious and friendly boy. He sometimes whines when he leaves his friends and has to  go to work (just like many of us!). 
Glory is a chocolate Rocky Mountain mare. She is 15 hands high. Glory takes her work very seriously and is very conscientious when doing her work. She loves treats at the end of a lesson.
Diego is a gray Paso Fino gelding, about 14.3 hands. Diego excels at natural horsemanship training, mastering all of the Parelli Seven Games. Diego is kind, gentle and very sensitive - he is always watching out for his herd.
Martini is our special paint pony. She is talented, not only can children ride her, but she also pulls a cart! Martini was quite sick this spring and spent 10 days at a horse hospital in Lexington. She is feeling much better and will be back at work soon.
Mountain Maggie is a sorrel Kentucky Mountain horse, standing about 14.3 hands. Maggie has a lot of go on the trails and loves to be groomed. She is the queen of the herd and supervises all the activity in the pasture.
Waylon (left) and his half brother Willie (right) are new additions to our barn. Both are registered Haflingers from Illinois. They look almost identical. When looking at their faces, only a slight difference in their blaze will tell them apart. Willie and Waylon are progressing nicely with their work. Both of these boys are young, they learn quickly and are gentle.